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20 Questions to Ask a REALTOR

20 questions you must ask any REALTOR before signing ANYTHING! 


If you wish to interview more than one REALTOR before selecting who you will entrust with such an important sale, following are 20 questions to ask. There are no "right" answers . . . just answers that satisfy YOU! 


  1. Are you a FULL time REALTOR who works exclusively in a Real Estate practice and is committed to a long term, higher level of service? 

  2. Are you active in your local Board of REALTORS?  Do you participate by serving on committees and networking with as many REALTOR as possible so you can keep yourself educated and aware of the issues of the day?

  3. Are you a member of a "Mastermind" group of other top producing agents which meets regularly?

  4. Do you have a means of consistent contact with REALTORS in other cities, so you can refer relocating clients to reputable agents in other cities?  If you refer me to an agent in my new city, will they be of a "like" mindset?

  5. If I find in the future that I have a need for the services of handy-men, painters, lenders, accountants, stock brokers, restaurants, or ANYTHING in my area, do you have a referral directory of people you have "tried and tested" that I can call with the comfort of knowing that they will be fair and provide service of the caliber I would expect?

  6. Before we agree to work together will you do a "listening presentation" to give us a chance to get to know each other and so you can learn all of my "Intentions and Desires?"

  7. Do you offer Exclusive Buyer Agency?  Will you explain this to me, and will you negotiate only on my behalf throughout my transaction?  (By Tennessee State Law, this relationship exists ONLY with a written, bilateral contractual agreement.)

  8. Are you FULLY "automated?"  Are you connected to the business with all of the necessary tools of the day?  (Computers, Cellular telephones, voice mail systems all of those high-tech things which will help you be ultra-responsive to my Real Estate needs)

  9.  After I have purchased my new home, will you contact me on a regular basis to keep me current on market conditions?  Will you continue your relationship with me even when I am not buying or selling real estate?

  10. What percentage of your business comes to you by referral?  Who refers you business and why do they introduce their friends, family, and work associates to you?

  11. When you advertise, what medium do you use most often?  Are your ads primarily self promotion pieces, listed properties, or ads which target a direct response from a specific group of prospects?

  12. Do you have any type of direct mail program?  Are these mail pieces designed to offer the benefit of specific value for the recipient? 

  13. Give me a brief "Back Stage Pass" to your business so I can fully appreciate the value of your services.  Who works behind the scenes in your office? How are you and your staff compensated?  Generally, what are your expenses and how do you prioritize your spending?

  14. Other than the conventional Real Estate marketing tools (Multiple Listing Service), what steps will you take to find my perfect home that are unique?  Do you have a network of agents to help us in our search? 

  15. Do you seize every possible opportunity to attend professional seminars and courses to consistently "sharpen your tools?" How many of these do you attend each year?

  16. When did you decide to begin your career in Real Estate?  Why?  How long will you be in this business?

  17. How many homes have you sold for each year you have been in Real Estate sales?  How many have you sold this year?  How many will you have sold by the end of the year? Next Year?

  18. What is YOUR "ultimate scenario?"  If everything in your life were to happen exactly as you wished, where would you be?  What would you be doing?

  19. What systems do you have in place which will make our search for property easy and hassle free?  How will you find and pre-qualify properties before showing them to me, so we are only looking at properties that fit my requirements?

  20. Do you have a "Mentor" and/or "Business Coach" who is available to offer guidance for any difficult situations you may encounter?  The last time you called this person, what was the problem and how did they help you?