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The most common complaint in Real Estate sales from Home Buyers, Sellers, and everyone else involved is "lack of timely communication".

We Paretozoans take this VERY seriously.

When we hear complaints about "poor service" from a REALTOR, it is almost ALWAYS due to a failure to communicate effectively.

Clients often feel they are not able to contact their agent quickly enough or their agent fails to contact them often enough. 

We have addressed this issue!

We are quintessentially aware of the importance of "appropriate and timely communication" throughout every phase of the process.

After all, we know that the stakes are high . . . There's plenty of tension inherent to the transaction, and insufficient communication tends to amplify potential issues precipitously.

With every new client, we establish preferred modes and times for communication.

"What mode is your preference?"

Text, Cell Phone, Email, ZOOM (Video Conference), Facetime?

If the client is 2 or more people, we establish clear communication channels for everyone involved.

Some want all communications going to everyone while others designate a "point person.

Just as important as the "how" are the "When" and how frequently.

Our "default" mantra of communication is at least one touch every week regardless of there being any news (good or bad).

We find it particularly useful to schedule a day an time for a call every week (Every Monday morning at 10 AM).

All of us Vital Few Pareto Realty members publish personal cell phone numbers and dedicated work email addresses.

615.502.2080 is the Pareto Realty LLC office.

We have a living and breathing office receptionist during normal business hours, and any automated RingCentral receptionist for after hours calls . . . all voice mails are delivered directly to us via email.

Our office line also delivers text messages and Fax transmissions.

Principal Broker Barry Owen welcomes any calls, texts, emails for feedback, KUDOS, or just to say: “Hi” 



In the event you are unable to reach your agent, feel free to contact Barry.

When you work with a Pareto Realty member, you WILL enjoy prompt and consistent communication.