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Intentions & Desires

Your Intentions and Desires 


For us to determine how we can best serve you, we ask you to complete an assignment?  Please take some time to write answers to these questions. 

What is the most important thing we need to know about your move? 

Describe for us, if everything could be perfect, what life would be like once you buy your new home? 

What would you be doing? 

How would it change your life? 


You see?  We are working for YOU not just the commission from your sale.  Real Estate decisions affect much more of your life than the simple "here and now decisions."  We want to be absolutely sure that you have carefully considered the positives and the negatives associated with this move. We want to be sure of your intentions so that we may exceed your expectations. 


What we need from you is an open line of communication and trust in our ability to advise and guide you towards negotiating the most favorable terms and conditions. 

If you are Selling your home, we need you to be willing to position yourself properly in the marketplace by competitively pricing your house and maintaining the squeaky clean appearance that will present your house in its best form throughout the marketing period. 


If you are Buying a home, we need you to be willing to position yourself properly in the marketplace by "pre-qualifying" with a lender of your choice (we can offer recommendations), so you are viewing homes which comfortably fit your budget. 

Our goal is to work with you to gain a true understanding of your ultimate scenario.  As we progress through this process, we will keep this end in mind. Our vision for you will be to exceed all of your expectations and to bring you into your ultimate scenario.