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Pareto Realty Philosophy

The Pareto Realty Philosophy

What do we mean by "real estate consultants?"

A real estate consultant invests the time at the beginning of your relationship determining where you are on the continuum below.  As your trusted advisers, we meet you at your level and offer the guidance and education you need to bring you to the next level (and the next level etc.) until you are comfortable with being committed to your real estate decisions.

The Consultant Continuum

                Idealistic                                      Committed

                        Frustrated                      Decisive

                                Defiant         Aware


As your personal real estate consultants, we optimize your experience with the real estate process by adhering to the following principles. 

Every man, woman, and child has dignity; therefore, we consistently demonstrate a deep sense of empathy.

Many people feel out of control during the transaction. We constantly remind ourselves people are wishing to be “guided towards informed decisions.”

Communicating with compassion is the best way to make impact!

The word “service” means to put others ahead of ourselves; therefore, we always keep others at the center of attention.

Success comes to those who have well defined goals and plans to attain them; therefore, we concentrate on helping people gain focus, so they can take trusted action.

Every person has an hierarchy of trust within every relationship; therefore, we grow to understand that the highest level of trust is within a deep spiritual base.

The development of positive people skills and a hopeful attitude is necessary to truly serve others. We have an on-going program of personal & professional development.

Our commitment to you is to do whatever it takes to make every facet of your transition as smooth and comfortable as humanly possible.