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The Product & The Process

Product & The Process

In every “consumer” encounter (when a person is buying anything from another person), there are always two fundamental pieces of the transaction - the product and the process.

The product is the “thing” you purchase (car, meal in a restaurant, groceries, a new house).  While it is very important for you to be completely satisfied with the product, this is no longer the “whole enchilada.” . . . the world is now expecting flawless service both before and after the sale.

Enter the thought of paying attention to the process.  Regardless of the product quality, consumers now expect a higher level of service and will go out of their way to find it.  So, imagine the restaurant that delivers fabulous food, in a comfortable environment, with quick and friendly service. Would you be inclined to return?  Would you be quick to tell everyone you know about the total experience you had at this restaurant?

To create Advocates (clients who deliberately refer their friends, family, work associates, and acquaintances), businesses MUST deliver a product that exceeds all expectations AND deliver a process which makes the client comfortable with their decision to purchase.  Only when both the product and the process exceed the client’s expectations will the client introduce a “new” product or service to other people.

Pareto Realty Professionals specifically consult with you from the beginning of the relationship to determine your ultimate scenario. What are the most important features of your new house?  We adhere to the principles outlined on the page entitled “What Is A Real Estate Consultant?” to help you discover this ultimate scenario (deliver the perfect product) with the satisfaction of staying in control (deliver flawless process) - our focus is on YOUR target!