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Fairview High School8

Fairview, TN | Williamson County


December 6, 2010

Being a recent FvHS graduate I would definitely suggest this school to parents or other students. Some teachers made the classes very easy but still made you do work and you actually learn something. Many of the teachers know how to keep the classes attention and work very hard to do their job. I wasn't particularly happy with the favoritism that goes on with some of the staff, but I'm sure all schools have that. I have lived in Fairview for 18 years of my life, and I wouldn't have wanted to go to any other school.

October 12, 2010

Very cruel and clicky school for a small country town. Extreme favoritism and many of the teacher are related to some of the students. There is a great deal of unprofessional behavior and the students seem to have an unbelievable large work loan in some of the advance classes.

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August 11, 2008

The help and interest in my children with needs above the norm...I couldn't have choosen a better school or faculty to teach my children values, self-respect and meet the goals in the hell of IEP-land. Thank you Fairview!

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May 8, 2008

My daughter enjoys the school because of the freedoms it offers compared to middle school, however she struggles constantly with issues that go on within this school. There are many teachers that act extremely unprofessional and use inappropriate language. The discipline for the students here needs to be enforced when it comes to behavior in the classroom towards the teachers. The dress code is a joke as it is not followed or enforced either. The only good thing I see in this school is the education program it offers the students.

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January 9, 2008

My son loves this school. We moved here his Freshman year from Davidson County. Even though the school was harder,he said the teachers were so nice and he felt like he was on a vacation from regular school. He felt the award winning film program was amazing.

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March 7, 2007

I myself attended Fairview High and my children do now and they are both well involved in sports and a lot of after school activities and it is a great school to boost your childs ego up a lot!!!....The reason i choose Fairview for my children to attend is that i like how there are still teachers that i had when i attened!!!!

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September 9, 2003

My husband & I are both former students of FvHS. We like the fact that our son has some of the same teachers we had in school. Fairview maybe small but you know what they say dynamite comes in small packages! Dynamite describes every aspect of this small town school. Although we've had recent principal problems I believe we have a leader for our students now. I'm feel that I'm giving my son the best education he can get by staying in Fairview. I know when my son leaves in the mornings that he is going to a safe environment where he can learn & is in the hands of caring parents who have attended & sent their children to this school .I'd like to thank all of the FvHS staff for their continued dedication to higher education!

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