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Brentwood, TN | Williamson County


April 6, 2014

Ravenwood often boasts about being rated one of the best public schools in the country. I do not doubt the authenticity of this claim, but the fact that Ravenwood is considered an excellent school concerns me about the quality of education in this country. Ravenwood values memorization, standardized testing, and sports over critical thinking, the free exchange of ideas, and literature. These characteristics hold true of schools all across America. Change must come soon. This is not quality education. We're raising a generation of idiots, and its our fault as parents. We are wasting our children's time by sending them to these schools; I've combed through the scope and sequences and common cores that this school (county) forces its students to memorize, I guarantee they'd learn more just by reading a single book by Voltaire or Spinoza. The only thing that Ravenwood teaches its students is that education is boring, it utterly fails at instilling a sense of curiosity and independent thought unto its pupils. My daughter has Cs and Bs, probably because she independently reads in the back of the classroom instead of listening to the doggerel expunged from the teachers smug mouthes. Shame

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September 25, 2013

I transferred to Williamson County from another school in a different state. In the 3 years that I attended Ravenwood, I felt the curriculum and education was a huge priority. It helped prepare me for college. I enjoyed all the extracurricular activities offered at RHS; i participated in marching band my three years as well as helped out with the school play productions. My time at Ravenwood was a wonderful one! the teachers were very experienced in their field of study and worked with the students if they needed help or were struggling. the school itself is in a nice area and has a lot of students from different backgrounds and religions. I will forever be grateful for my time at Ravenwood. RAPTOR NATION!

September 21, 2012

Ravenwood is the best high school in Williamson county and has a plethora of programs in the arts, academics, and sports. The best thing is that these programs win state championships almost every year. Apart from the extracurriculars, the academics is the 2nd best in the state(Brentwood is 1st). It offers a challenging and rigorous curriculum that should be taken seriously. With a wide diversity of intelligent and gifted students, the academics program is a major asset to this school The school spirit stays strong at RAPTOR NATION!!!

Submitted by a student

March 21, 2012

We moved from another state in 2010 and our daughter was entering her 10th grade year. It took over six months to feel excepted by her peers. She was a cheerleader and on a copetition team before moving here and was in the propular group. The student body at RHS was not very welcoming. I went to administration in the year moved here and in and the next year and was told "we know there is a problem but it starts at home with the parents and there isn't anything we can do about it" My daughter was harrassed to the point where she didn't want to go to school and returned back to where we moved from because she wanted to have a "Normal" high school experenice. The parents also judge before they get to know their childrens NEW friends. Had I known what I do now I would have never put her in that school. I hope the class of 2013 is proud of how they made my daughter feel. This has been going on a long time after talking to strangers that I meet and is getting worse please feel free to contact me. This is not just a one time occurance

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December 27, 2011

As a current student at Ravenwood, I thoroughly enjoy the time spent at the school. The school itself is well constructed both inside and out, and the teachers show passion in the things they teach. RHS has won state championship titles for various sports, which results in student body pride, and is well known for its outstanding shows in the fall and spring along with its undefeated speech/ debate team. This school is a fantastic school

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December 15, 2011

Ravenwood is fooling itself and everyone else as well. The teachers dont teach and the school is full of huge problems. I'm pulling my child out of there as soon as possible. Hopefully the folks at the district office will wake up to the truth soon.

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August 10, 2011

Ravenwood seems to do well because of the demographics. I have two daughters that both went there and now are in college. They did not feel comfortable in this environment and said the staff was not all that good. Drug use and gangs are highly noticeable. I would not recommend sending your kids to this school if you want top notch education.

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November 28, 2010

I graduated a couple of years ago and I believe that the education I received could not have been better for preparing me for college. The teachers are great, although the administration lacks a good connection with the students and faculty which is the root of most of the problems at the school. I feel like the administration has become focused on creating many unnecessary rules which further hurts the student/administration relationship. The school offers a great variety of programs and does better well in sports.

October 19, 2010

As a parent of two children at RHS, I am very pleased with the quality of education. Our first child graduated from a private school prior to moving to Williamson County and I believe that the two children presently enrolled at RHS will be better prepared for college based on the education they are receiving at this fine school.

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May 18, 2010

I am currently a student enrolled in ravenwood high school and we have great spirits, great sports teams but only a few great teachers. Most talk about other teachers in a negative way, while others allow racial slurs in their classroom. The teaching is lackluster and only a select few of the biology teachers actually know what they are talking about. The administration is unfair on there punishment when they pick and choose who gets what.

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April 15, 2010

I am currently enrolled at Ravenwood, and can honestly report that the curriculum isn't based as much on understanding and application of material as it is on getting students to pass standardized tests. Drug and alcohol use at Ravenwood is tremendously high and teachers seemed stressed about how our test results will reflect upon themselves. We constantly have new teachers, most of which are new and not experienced, and crowding is becoming a major issue. I feel like RHS could be more hands-on with learning, and that teachers could make learning more fun instead of a chore to get through until after the test. On the other hand, there are a few engaging and passionate teachers at RHS like Mr. Huebner, Mr. Hutton, Mrs. Smith (Theater), and I have heard wonderful things about Mrs. Maggart. We have the resources for engaging and creative learning, we just have to use them!

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December 15, 2009

I am a current student at Ravenwood and I could not be more pleased with my high school experience. The teachers are vibrant and enthusiastic, and expect the best from students. The administration is fantastic, I feel perfectly comfortable approaching the counselors and principles about any problems I may be having. The student body is very stratified, but most people are nice enough. Perhaps there is a bit too much emphasis on sports, but this is Tennessee so...

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October 20, 2009

The comment posted on January 21, 2009 is not true. The teachers expect more from these students and are proactive and the principal is personally involved with every student when it is needed.

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October 11, 2009

As a current student at Ravenwood, I am pleased and displeased about many things at RHS. The quality of teachers are excellent, as well as the amount of extracurricular activities that are avalible but I am very upset, on how the student body of the Ravenwood High school is structured. In my time at Ravenwood, I have noticed a rising trend among students when kids of 'minority' gather only with other 'like' students thus segregating themselves from the rest of the Ravenwood community. As a minority myself, I find this very disturbing and I am even more displeased that Ravenwood has yet to take action on preventing this type of segregation from becoming permenant problem in the community of RHS. Otherwise, Ravenwood is an excellent public school and has achieved many things in the short amount of time it had been open as a school.

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July 8, 2009

I am currently attending Ravenwood High School, and I must say.. I really do like this school. Now, some things I do not agree with. For example, the attention given to sports isn't equal to the attention given to the more academical side of things. That may be all dandy for the people playing sports, but honestly.. not every sports player will be going to college because of a sports scholarship, they need to focus more on the classroom and less on the field. Next, some of the teachers need to be re freshened on what they can and can not say to students. Last year, I had a teacher that didn't say any 'bad words' but she did use our valuable class time to talk about politics and religion. This teacher would actually argue with students about these things. It is ridiculous.

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